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5 Children's Books We Love

One of the most important things to me as a parent is making sure I'm mindful with my messaging. These books have been helpful tools for driving home that my daughter should love herself, treat others well, and be accepting of others.

I Like Myself!

Karen Beaumont

This lighthearted journey through one girl's imagination will

remind your child that other people's opinions don't need

to affect their self image.

Whoever You Are

Mem Fox

Mem Fox and Leslie Staub take you and your little one(s)

around the world in this beautiful book that teaches that

human nature transcends how we look and where we're


ABC What Can She Be?

Sugar Snap Studio

Inspire young girls to imagine themselves in any role they can dream of!

Love Makes a Family

Sophie Beer

Sophie Beer's beautifully presented message is simple but powerful: families come in all shapes and sizes, but it's love that matters.

Where Oliver Fits

Cale Atkinson

Children are inevitably going to feel left out, or out of place. Where Oliver Fits helps let them know that they will find their way!

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